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Where to Read about Weird Laws and Customs

There is no shortage of weird laws from around the world. These laws appear unusual to people from other parts of the world, but you have to adhere to them when you visit the region. A classic one is you cannot leave the house without underwear in Thailand as that would be a crime. Here are some more of such weird laws.
It is illegal to play the piano past midnight in Germany. Whoever raised a complaint enough for it to become law is to thank for it. It has remained law up to date. You, however, can play other instruments if you so wish.
In England, you cannot order for Mute Swan on the menu, as there is none, only on the queen’s menu. They all belong to her, and so she can kill and eat them as she pleases.
It is illegal to have ketchup on school cafeteria menus in France. Some say it is for the preservation of their culture and also to promote the use of mayonnaise instead.
You shall find certain regions in Italy where it is forbidden to die. In those areas, you need to have your annual check-ups done diligently. If you do not, there is a fine as you risk dying there.
In case you are ever caught littering in Singapore, you will have to wear a t-shirt that says what a littering habit you have. This is how they have kept their streets clean. You may learn more info on prevention of littering here.
In Switzerland, you cannot keep one goldfish. They see it as an act of cruelty to keep one animal in isolation. So you have to keep two or more.
In Japan, a club has to turn on the lights past midnight if there are people dancing. This has to be the way or dancing past midnight would have been banned.
In China, the government shall have a way when it comes to your reincarnation. There is widespread belief in the idea of reincarnation in the country. This is why you will need a reincarnation passport before your death.
You are not allowed to drive with no hands in Vietnam. This is meant to reduce accidents on the road, but it is not a clearly worded law. You cannot tell whether they meant to drive with no hands or to refuse to use them when you have them.
Your parents in South Korea reserve the right to call the cops on you if you play video games past midnight. They also can give you the permission to do so. Such leverage should be given to parents from other places.
There is no shortage of such weird laws. You shall discover more weird things from across the globe on this site.

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