A 10-Point Plan for Pets (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Reasons Why People Own Dogs

There are very many benefits of owning a dog. Dogs are very much friendly to humans and easily interact with humans. Some people refer to them as man’s best friend of all the pets. Dogs don’t need too much attention or maintenance. When a dog is well fed it doesn’t mind about other conditions in the homestead. These canines are very much humble and take orders from the owners without questioning. There are different breeds of dogs. They come in different sizes and colors. Some dogs are more expensive than others depending on breed and their history. Where the dogs are required for training; some breeds take time to learn while some other dogs learn very fast depending on the kind.

Security is the number one factor why everyone needs to own a dog. Where there is a healthy and mature dog, safety is guaranteed. When provoked dogs can be very much dangerous and can cause harm. Dogs can mark boundaries of the areas they keep watch. These pets can detect items from very far and recognize them. Due to the high smelling sense dogs can easily tell when an intruder is in their territory. They bark loudly to alert the owners and also instill fear to the intruder. Anything that gets into the premises is noticed by the dog first.

countries have since engaged dogs in assisting them cub criminology and detect illegal substances coming to the countries. Through their powerful sense of smell dogs are employed in drugs detection and also detection of deadly weapons. Dogs are very much efficient in apprehending criminals. They are mostly applied when criminals are required alive or need to be handled in a way that they won’t escape. Some are fierce and should only be handled by people they know. This is an advantage to humans since they use them for defense anytime they are in danger. Police use dogs to apprehend criminals when they try to escape.

Dog provide people with the company. They can be very useful in relieving stress. This is because dogs are playful and will ignite a play when around their owners. By petting the dog and playing with it makes one feel relieved from stressing moments of the day. Despite being good security agents, dogs also act a companion for kids whose parents are working far from home. Dogs are brave and humble, and these are values human can learn from them.

Dog owners are said to be more social. Day today interaction with a dog makes one feel the importance of always having company near. Humans use dogs while doing exercises especially racing. Humans enjoy having dogs for various important reasons.
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