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The Purpose of Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can also be called disability income insurance, and this is a type of insurance policy that insures that a person will receive long term financial benefit if he/she has an accident that makes him/her unable to work or function, or if the person becomes ill which makes them unable to work. There are three ways by which disability insurance can be disbursed, either as a short-term disability, long-term disability, and paid sick leave.

If you lose income from work because of a sudden accident and disability, your disability insurance will be able to replace the income that was supposed to be yours if you are able to work. If order to receive disability benefits you should be eligible for it, and this eligibility conditions are contained in your disability insurance policy that you purchase. In the policy, there will be an explanation about what constitutes a disability. In the normal situation, before you can begin to receive disability benefits, you should have been on leave from work for a specified time period. It is in the policy how much your benefits are and how long you will be covered. There are two types of payment schemes for the disability insurance and one is that the policy can continue for as long as the person is disabled and the other is that the policy is only until the time limit set by the insurer has expired.

There are factors that determine the disability policy premiums that you pay and these factors are devised by the insurance company. One of the considerations has to do with the risk factor involved in the type of job you are employed in. If you are working on a high risk job such as explosive demolition of buildings, you will have to pay a higher premium than a simple business receptionist. If you lost your job because of disability the disability benefit will replace the income you lost so that you can continue to sustain yourself and your family. Insurance companies will now let you have disability coverage for more than 60 to 70 percent of your normal taxable income.
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Since policies for disability differ from one insurance company to another it is best to get a quote from these different companies. Don’t purchase a policy until you are sure what is included in it. Cheap policies may not be the best ones. cheap policies might not include some incidents that results in injury of sickness so don’t forget to read the policy carefully.
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The different of this with workers comp is that in workers’ comp it is disability from workplace injury or sickness. You can choose benefit level, buy the policy yourself and pay the premiums with private disability insurance. This policy will be enforced even if you don’t stay with your current place of employment.

Anyone who is employed should have disability insurance.