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Health Benefits of Healthy Dog Treats

Most dog owners usually show their love to their dog through giving it with treats. Though there are actually many dog treats today that are mostly empty in calories, which however should be kept only to a minimum, there are now other special types of dog treats that you can actually give to your dog for its supplemental nutrition. Such kind of treats are called as functional dog treats.

The process of enhancing dog foods and treats with the special ingredients is surely nothing new today, but nowadays, there are products to which are available for different results. These kind of treats could actually be found in different forms, which also includes chews, jerky, biscuits and a whole lot more. All of such products also are being formulated for it to give some additional benefit to your dog if given regularly.

You may be one of the many that wonders if your dog is really going to benefit with it? What you will learn below are some of the benefits to which your dog may acquire from a healthy dog treat:

Helps on your dog’s weight control or weight loss. You should look for treats which are low in calories and fat and one that is high in fiber. Some added ingredients like L-carnitine, which helps in increasing fat loss, is actually helpful in reducing weight.

When your older dog is already slowing down and have problems to getting up and down, giving your dog with extra ingredients for joint care is in fact now a common practice today. Vitamin E in fact is an antioxidant to which could be added to dog treats in order to help soothe joints in pain and also reducing inflammation.

Another benefit would be on dental care to where tartar buildup in the mouth could cause serious halitosis. Dog treats come with special chemicals which are made purposely to help break down plaque and tartar. This actually helps in reducing the amount of bacteria to which is present in your dog’s mouth and also deals with the offensive odor. A lot of these special dog treats likewise include mint, chlorophyll or perhaps parsley in the mix in order to aid covering up the smell. Though these type of ingredients don’t really clean the teeth, it however helps on increasing the amount of time needed to get professional dental cleanings.

When your dog have problems with a sensitive digestive tract, providing it with extra fiber could help in balancing things.

Other functional dog treats likewise include ingredients for the dog’s immune system, heart health and the dog’s behavioral issues.
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